Web Design

When designing your websites, we follow a well crafted approach that is intended to minimise delivery time without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to meticulously work through your project.

Project Management

The key to any successful project is effective Management. We have developed a five step approach to Project Management which allows us to not only be able to understand your requirements but also allows us to deliver an end product that meets the needs of users.

Definition Stage

During this stage, we make a detailed analysis of the end users and establish their requirements and how we can meet them. We also discuss the options available for promoting the website.

Design Stage

As the name suggests, this stage is concerned with drafting a visual design of the site which is sometimes referred to as a prototype. We then make it available to you online so that you can get an idea of what the final site will look like. If you require us to make any amendments we will do so until you are happy with the design.

Development Stage

Once you are satisfied with the prototype, we will then proceed to add all the other content i.e other pages and graphics, to your site. All the time, your site will be available to you for viewing and we will continue to liaise with you.

Testing & Launching Stage

When we have completed development, we will extensively test your site on all the major browsers to ensure that it is rendered correctly. We also make sure that all the links are working correctly before finally launching your site.

Maintenance Stage

This is an ongoing stage and allows us to educate you about how to keep your site working optimally and we can also periodically maintain it for you.


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